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We are stockists of high-quality gypsum wallboards suitable for drylining walls and ceilings and constructing dry stuff partitions. Our plasterboards consist of a pure gypsum core bonded between two strong, high quality recovered-waste-paper liners. The composition of the gypsum core is varied to create a range of plasterboards with different characteristics. Our boards are high performance products specifically designed for thermal and acoustic applications and to provide impact, moisture, vapour and fire resistance. Not only do we stock standard boards, we also stock high performance boards including water resistant, sound proofing, fire resistant, & high impact boards. Pop into one of our branches to find out which will work for you best.

GTEC Performance Board Solutions

Lafarge plasterboard drylining systems provide economic, high performance options to meet a wide range of building requirements. They are ideally suited to today’s fast-track construction schedules, which must control costs whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. Our plasterboard range and drylining systems meet the practical and performance needs of all new-build and refurbishment projects.

Part B, Part E & Part L of Building Regulations aim to help make buildings quieter and greener.

Part B                                                                                                                        

Part B of the Building Regulations contains the legal requirements governing the standard of fire resistance across all buildings and has the safety of the occupants and building structure in mind. Under Part B the builder is required to consider the system’s Fire resistance standards.

Part E

Part E of the Building Regulations contains the legal requirements governing the quality of acoustics in buildings where people sleep. Part E puts the onus on the builder to demonstrate that the stated acoustic ratings have been achieved. So, if you are looking to build houses, apartments, hotels or residential rooms, then your separating walls, partitions, floors and ceilings must adhere to the current acoustic ratings.

Part L

Part L of the Building Regulations sets out legal requirements governing heat loss, the conservation of fuel and power and reducing carbon emissions – think of it as your project’s ‘carbon footprint’. Under Part L, the whole of the building process must be considered – not just individual elements.


  • Domestic and commercial.

  • Metal and timber partitions.

  • Linings, floors and ceilings.


  • To meet Part B, Part E and Part L requirements.                                      

  • Higher levels of protection against impact, sound, moisture and fire.

  • Guaranteed results when used with Lafarge GTEC drylining solutions.

For more information about GTEC Performance Board Solutions visit


GTEC Aqua Board

GTEC Aqua Board is the ultimate tile backing board for water and mould resistance in bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and extreme wet areas. GTEC Aqua Board is BBA approved, ensuring technical performance is achieved in all wet applications.


GTEC E Board / GTEC dB Board

Suitable for wall linings, partitions and ceilings requiring additional sound insulation to meet Part E Building Regulations.

GTEC Acoustic Homespan Board

Used for the construction of the Lafarge GTEC Acoustic Homespan system. Meets Part E Building Regulations.


GTEC Universal Board

Suitable for wall linings, partitions and ceilings that require superior acoustic, fire and impact performance.


GTEC Thermal Board

A range of plasterboards bonded onto different types of insulation to meet thermal requirements for all thermal applications.

GTEC Thermal K Board

Provided with vapour barrier as standard to meet part L Building Regulations.


GTEC Vapour Board

Incorporates a metallised vapour control layer that slows down vapour passing into the wall cavity. Suitable for linings to external walls and roofs.


GTEC Fire Board

Suitable for wall linings, partitions and ceilings that require superior fire performance to meet Part B Building Regulations.


GTEC Megadeco

The ultimate ‘all-in-one’ performance board, combining fire and impact resistance with acoustic insulation. This board is ideal for direct decoration and an attractive solution for high traffic areas.


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