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Trade Guide to Energy Efficient Refurbishment

This guide can be used to help you as the building professional to promote and grow the service you provide to clients by including energy performance measures, materials and systems in your refurbishment work.

What's in it for me and my business?

Offering your client energy efficient solutions could bring many benefits to your business. Some of the key positive effects from offering these additional services could be:

  • Utilising your existing skills and knowledge to offer a wider range of services

  • Developing your business' reputation as informed and skilled in the growing market for home energy efficiency improvements

  • Increased demand for your services and securing a market share in a changing future

  • Investing and developing your employees skills and knowledge, and keeping them interested in your business

  • Offering your client future proof services and projects

  • Linking up with Government schemes like arbed, Nest and the Green Deal

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